Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Early Morning Cup of Coffee

My Mother, Margie, and her horse Boots likes to get attention.
She grew up on horses living on the family farm in Western Arkansas.

Margie has always had a passion for horses. She also has always had a passion for poetry.

She has written several poems over the years. My favorite is Early Morning Cup of Coffee.


I'm sitting on the front porch in my swing

It's as if I can see almost everything

The birds are eating berries from the mulberry tree

They sing so sweetly, as if they're singing just for me

Two red birds just walked across the lawn

And 4 squirrels been playing out there since early dawn

They chase each other round and round

They scamper up a tree, and then scamper down

Sometimes they jump from limb to limb

I never get tired of watching them

Sometimes I see a Mother deer and her fawn

They seem so content eating grass from my lawn

They keep their distance, but still they can see

Me watching them and them watching me

All in all it's a great place to be

early in the morning, while having my coffee.

Written by:

Margie Howard Semiche

June 9, 2005

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Trails

Last spring (2008) my husband and I joined a cattle drive at the Burnt Well Ranch in Roswell, New Mexico so I could gain authentic experience and add it to my cowgirl story.

Kim Chesser, Owner of Burnt Well Ranch, leads us back to the ranch singing our cowboy songs. I admit, we did not know a lot of old-time cowboy songs but we did sing about Jed Clampet, Petticoat Junction and the like.

We had the most wonderful time. We slept out under the stars in our bedrolls and ate camp food cooked on an open fire by Patricia Chesser. She is one heck of a chuck wagon cook.