Thursday, May 9, 2013


Soon I was marching across the prairie carrying my gun and a few extra shells in my apron pocket. There is a cluster of old nut trees not too far away were rabbits have made a nest among the fallen limbs and branches. I would be able to find supper there. I would take Tucker with me, but I'm not going far and he's always been a little gun-shy.

I sat down at the bottom of a small tree with my back against its trunk, a little ways from the thicket. I waited with the long-gun laid across my lap. I waited and waited. The sun's warm rays beat down on me through the tree branches and began to make me drowsy.

My eyes popped open from what I hoped was just a short nap. Two turkeys stood at the opening in the brush. I can't believe it! We haven't had turkeys here in over a year. I can hear more of them in the thicket. Slowly, I took careful aim and squeezed the trigger. Feathers flew and all the turkeys scattered, except one nice big Tom. Good! I got one!