Monday, May 21, 2012


This last weekend we had an event called: Spring Fling. It is a time when venders set up in the park, in the town of Molalla, and peddle their wares. I was their at the Author's Table peddling my books along with everyone else. Saturday was the best day. No rain, not too cold, and we had sun. Around these parts, SUN is a blessing. There was music and dancing. People went from booth to booth. Some purchased stuff from vendors, but some of the people just chatted with everyone. Most of the vendors I only see at events, so this was a good time to catch up with all that has gone on in their lives since we last met.  On Sunday, the rain came, we all said good-bye at the end of the day and planned on the next event where we will meet again.

It is always good to sell my books and to get positive feedback from those who have read my books. It is also great to visit with all.

Molalla is a town of supporting and caring people. That is why I love it here so much. I love them all and I know they love me back.