Thursday, February 7, 2013

Carrol's Bio

Carrol Haushalter has a real connection with children and that is why her books have touched their hearts and minds.

She has taken children on a western adventure as she tells the story of a young girl and boy who meet on a trail ride moving a herd of longhorns from Texas to New Mexico. The story unfolded in Trail from yesterday and Trail to tomorrow and will soon culminate in the third installment of this thrilling trilogy Trails End.

Carrol's books have an exciting realism to them and so they should. She was told of the real life story of her Great-Grandparent's trail ride from Texas to New Mexico as part of a cattle drive and Carrol rode her own horse on that trail to complete her research for her books.

When not writing or entertaining children in her cowgirl regalla, Carrol can be found on a small farm in Mulino, Oregon with her husband and a number of goats, chickens, and dog. Her creativity is inspired by her rural environment and the adventures she experiences in this truly western community.

By: Helen Liere

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Here we are, once again, to start off a New Year and a New Book.
 A story about a 15 year-old-girl and her 17 year-old-brother who went through great tragedy in the loss of family. Then found themselves at the mercy of Bandits in the Southern Plateau of Texas,
at time when Outlaws ran amuck and survival was in the hands of the beholder.
This story is aimed toward: Young Adult to Adult.